Clyde & Co Community Art Awards

This award selected from last years art school graduates is a great opportunity to showcase some of the diverse creative talent thriving in Perth.

It is pleasing to see a commercial enterprise that understands what social responsibility entails. I’m glad committing to local cultural development is on their agenda and thank them for supporting artists.

I was pleased to be selected, and happy my work is on show.


Object Lessons from Nina Berman

“There is nothing remotely objective about photography. Where I stand, how I got to that spot, where I direct my lens, what I frame, how I expose the image, what personal and cultural factors influence these decisions — all are intensely subjective.”

Interesting thoughts about photojournalism in contemporary society.

Verve Photo- The New Breed of Documentary Photographers

Editor’s Note: This article caught my attention because of Nina’s unique perspective and the disturbing subject matter combined with her observations about the ways photojournalists are adapting to the disruption in the media landscape today. While I admire what agencies like NOOR (the non-profit collective that she is a member of) are doing in terms of partnering with NGOs, I’m doubtful that it’s a sustainable model. I applaud Nina and her colleagues for being so proactive and at the same time doing such strong work. This article originally appeared in Columbia Magazine.

Object Lessons

by Nina Berman ’85JRN

A J-school professor discusses the evolving state of photojournalism — and shares evidence from her latest project.

Rogues’ Gallery / In a new work, Nina Berman photographs trial evidence from cases of slavery and human trafficking, in hopes of indirectly revealing the mindset of the perpetrator. A billy club used by…

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Exhibition “Of Spears and Pruning Hooks II”

Exhibition “Of Spears and Pruning Hooks II”

I am very privileged to be a part of this exhibition, involving a number of visual artists working in a variety of media and genre’s.

Having also been involved in the inaugural exhibition “Of Spears and Pruning Hooks” I was amazed by the diversity of work produced. 

I am looking forward to the exhibition opening on May 1st, 2014, it will, no doubt, showcase some amazing art.


Shakrain Festival, Old Dhaka, Bangladesh

I was fortunate to be in Dhaka for the Shakrain Festival, a Hindu celebration in Old Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The afternoon is celebrated with the flying of kites from the rooftop’s of buildings, after the sun sets, fire crackers, laser lights, and music blasts from the buildings all around.

Then a few brazen men, swig what i believe to be kerosene and spit fire into the air.

An incredible celebration….

Shakrain Festival fireworks

Shakrain Festival rooftop party

Shakrain Festival fire breathing man

Shakrain Festival fire breathing man 2

Thoughts about work and photography

This sums up my current thoughts about work and photography.

“I have stated that firstly one ought to photograph for oneself not the market, secondly that being an art photography requires the same discipline and dedication that one might apply to any other field and thirdly that it is crucial to have another profession to subsidize the costs of daily life.”

Roger Ballen interview