Albumen Prints on the way……

This morning I got a start on my Albumen solution, mix a bit of this and that with egg white, time in the fridge (24 hrs), sieve it tomorrow, more time in the fridge (7 days) then coat some paper.

Dry the paper, re-coat with a second coating of albumen, dry again, prior to printing coat with a silver nitrate solution, let it dry, then contact print a negative onto the paper (test strip at this stage).

Cross fingers, wash, fix and tone as required – dry and i should be able to assess the test strip.

Repeat process until it works, then try printing a photograph…..

This is the good stuff nobody else is going to teach you, trial error and a full vocabulary of F’s & C’s along the way.

Cyanoptype Chemistry

The Alchemist has been at work in rent weeks/months.

From the basic chemicals, a mix of solutions for producing Cyanotype prints.


I’ve managed to produce a couple of test prints, that still need a little bit of refinement. I’m in the process of producing a number of digital negatives suitable for printing and will scan the finished product when completed.